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Via individual or team coaching, we support our clients both in operative day-to-day business and in the environment of personal development and use of management instruments.

Coaching ideally supplements the 3CS management training, in the operative application and implementation of the knowledge learned in training.

Individual coaching helps to work on current topics with a new point of view, in critical situations, and to use this as a chance to learn for future matters, at the same time.

The 3CS coaching process is as a rule built up over a period of max. 6 months. According to the objectives of the client, and depending on the desired speed of implementation, the coaching takes place in sessions of 1-2 hours, on a weekly to two-weekly basis. In the course of the process, the intervals of work will increase to a four-weekly cycle.

3CS coaching process
Timetable for individual coaching with exemplary instruments / interventions and schedule over approx. 6 months.

3CS coaching process, knowledge transfer and operative intervention

3CS Coaching