The state of silently laughing and being one with the world is an important requirement for charismatic management of a successful team. We have all the resources within us to achieve this state.

Erich Glaeser

Erich Glaeser


  • Degree in telecommunications (Dipl. Ing) [Graduate engineer]
  • Degree in business management (Dipl.Wirt.Ing) [Graduate industrial engineer]
  • International management training
  • (Insead, St.Gallen, Conveyor (USA))
  • 30 years of management experience
  • (at board of directors and managing director level for 15 years)
  • Classic NLP training (Inntal Institute)
  • Various board of directors and advisory board positions


  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Silicon Graphics
  • Compaq
  • Actebis / Peacock
  • TechData / Azlan
3CS Erich Glaeser


Degree in telecommunications and second degree in industrial engineering. For 30 years he has worked in companies in the high-tech sector. Manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard, Silicon Graphics and Compaq have strongly influenced both his training as a manager in fast changing markets, and his character as a target oriented manager and advisor, for two decades.

Various training courses via Insead and Management-Institute in the USA give Erich Glaeser state of the art management instruments and concepts at his finger tips. In the past few years, he most recently worked as the Managing Director at Actebis/Peacock and then as the Chairman of the Management Board at Azlan GmbH in the TechData group.

Since 1998, alongside his operative management position, Glaeser has also been an advisor for change management, corporate and manager development.

In the team of 3CS (Challenge the Change through Competence and Speed), Glaeser develops companies, teams and personalities in the area of sales, marketing and organisation. Here, he particularly focuses on practical orientation, clarity of target-oriented management, team motivation and accompanying implementation coaching for fast implementation.