The biggest enemy of quality is the hurry.

Henry Ford

Training and Consulting

Scope of services

  • Vision development (Management workshops)
  • Planning workshops (SPP – Structured Planning Process) for financial year planning
  • Manager training & development to support effective implementation
  • Organisational development, interface analysis and optimisation concepts
  • Team role analysis and management profiling
  • Development and implementation of sales marketing and product management training
  • Customer workshops: sales, marketing, product management
  • Competition (positioning, SWOT, attack plan)


  • Business objectives are the top priority
  • Change team development in the course of developing breakthrough concepts
  • Team role analysis and team structure as the basis for highly efficient planning and implementation
  • Team management comparable with operative interim management
  • Raising awareness and intensification of strengths and skills
  • Horizontal and vertical (cross-functional) implementation in the company

Individual development concepts, adapted to the needs of our customers, and support with implementation, right up to individual coaching, are the basis for our joint success.

Philosophy and principles

  • Pooling and focussing all strengths and energies on a joint vision and overall objectives (Breakthrough)
  • Integration of all managers and employees
  • Objective forming process as top-down and bottom-up process
  • Promoting permanent process improvement
  • Principle of self-diagnosis and solution orientation, instead of problem and justification orientation


  • Significant increase in customer orientation in sales organisations
  • Strengthening the benefit orientation in sales discussions
  • Strengthening the techniques in conflict and objection handling, in customer and employee discussions
  • Strengthening team work and team collaboration
  • Development of management techniques in sales, marketing and product management
  • Targeted use of strengths and abilities and their "automation"
  • Significant increase in identification with company objectives and their implementation
  • Increasing team motivation and identification with the company
  • Increasing enthusiasm, loyalty and willingness to perform

Success as product of: clarity of the objectives x motivation for implementation

Due to over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, and well-grounded psychological training, with 3CS corporate development, we offer wide-reaching, practically oriented knowledge in sales, marketing, moderation and presentation, as well as personality development.