It is the longest path that leads the closest to you! And each exercise is the most difficult, which leads to the easiest of the sounds.


Management coaching at La Gomera

What for? I have achieved everything!
Really? Or are some topics still open?

  • How can I further develop my leadership skills?
  • What does my value system do for me? Do I practice my values?
  • How do I deal with stress? Could it be better?
  • Can I really relax?
  • How is my diet? And my physical fitness?
  • Am I satisfied with myself and my situation?
  • How can I get answers to the question: "How do I appear to others, so that I can improve my management behaviour?"
  • What does success mean to me? Am I already satisfied?
  • What is really important to me in life? Really important!
  • Do I listen to my inner voice, or rather the "others"?
  • Inner unrest as a motor of the economy and as a motor of my desired development? Or will it burn me?
  • How do I deal with difficult situations in life / profession?
  • Which inner behavioural patterns, attitudes and beliefs prevent me from doing what I really want to?
  • "Fit for Fun" in professional and private life?
  • Do I really take my own change process in hand myself, consciously and with pleasure?

The course serves both the company and very strongly the personal development of the participants, and ensures long-term change and strengthening on the way to more authenticity, leadership and charisma.

The unique combination of fasting, extreme hiking and intensive coaching by experienced companions, uses completely new aspects in personality development, even for experienced managers.

La Gomera, on the banks of silence: interventions, light paths and decisions

In the course of a one-week intensive seminar, the participant uses experience-oriented actions in nature and joint reflection as a basis for new approaches to thinking and action, in professional and private life.

Due to the unique combination of physical activity, mental and physical relief through fasting, with intensive coaching in the open air at La Gomera, completely new perspectives arise for the development of participants.
Intensive preparation and follow-up for this extraordinary seminar ensure transfer management in concrete life and work situations.

Accompanying individual and group coaching on various psychological and operative-tactical levels lead to sustainable consolidation of personality and clarity in the development, re-design, prioritisation and implementation of demanding objectives.

Target groups

  • Open to new, holistic methods (management, self-experience and continual change)
  • "Burnt out" people, or those who do not want to burn out
  • Middle to top management, used to hard work (even on themselves)
  • People transferring / being promoted in fast changing situations

Age: from 30 in your head, otherwise from 40

Gomera outdoor reflection

Seminar description (services included)

  • A 20-hour intensive seminar and/or individual coaching, over 8 days with maximum 10-12 participants
  • In depth role analysis: how do I live my life, what are my values, what is really important to me in my profession, private life, in my role as a man/woman?
  • Powerful exercises in the outdoors, for stimulation of the further development of your personal life vision
  • Discussion of the topic: self image / public image, perception / interpretation
  • Exercises on the topic: vision, objectives, strategies and concrete implementation in everyday life
  • Various anchor techniques to retain and further develop what you have learnt
  • Compact knowledge on active stress management
  • Outdoor exercises and approaches to meditative management of stress
  • Incentive and examples for healthy diet, maintenance and further development of physical and mental fitness.

The seminar is supported by a 7-day fasting programme (2 detox days, 4 fasting days, 2 recovery days) and intensive physical activity and four nights in the outdoors.
Therefore, it is recommended for all participants to have a medical examination beforehand, and clearance certificate from the treating doctor.

Services included

  • 3 nights in a hotel, guest house
  • 4 nights outdoors, diet for detox, fasting and recovery days
  • Transfers at La Gomera
  • Seminar support, individual and group coaching (2 trainers)
  • Medical support

Total price: €1,950 / person
plus arrival and departure to/from San Sebastian de La Gomera

on request


1st day
Arrival: San Sebastian de La Gomera, team up, programme discussion, detox,
Accommodation: Hotel Parador National

2nd day
First outdoor experiences / team coaching (clarity of targets) on the way to Agando
Accommodation: Garajonay. In the open air

3rd day
Outdoor experiences, body detox, Baranco hike,
Individual coaching on the topic of "physical fitness"
Accommodation: Baranco Benjijigua, in the open air

4th day
Outdoor experiences, programme: meditations in nature on the topic of: "letting go" and "stress management"
Accommodation: Magnana: in the open air

5th day
Outdoor experiences, 12-hour power hike
Accommodation: Playa Iguala, meditations, team coaching, night work

6th day
Outdoor experiences, 8-hour hike, interventions, anchor techniques
Accommodation Jardin Tropical (Apartments), Valle Gran Rey

7th day
Various leisure programmes, relaxing and beach.
Fast-breaking and recovery diet.
Coaching on the topic of: "Motivation for implementation" and "Future pace"
Accommodation: Castillo del Mar, Vallehermoso
Evening event (team)

8th day
Future pace, recovery diet, anchor techniques, departure from San Sebastian de La Gomera

Here you can book a binding registration for the 3CS Outdoor-Coaching on La Gomera.

On request

8 days (including travel to and from San Sebastian de La Gomera)

Your investment
1.950,00€ / person plus 7% IGIC (VAT): 2.086,50€
Excluding travel to and from San Sebastian de La Gomera.
Advanced payment one week after registration : 50%
Remaining amount: 50% one week before arrival.

Cancellation fee
2 Month before start none.
1 Month before start 50% of total cost.
1 Week before start 100% of total cost.

Early booking discount
With booking and 50% advanced payment 3 Month before start 1.750,00€ plus 7% IGIC (VAT): 1.872,50€

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