Success is the product of clarity of objectives x motivation for implementation.

Interim Manager

Why use an Interim Manager?

  • Strategy and structural alterations with changes to the market
  • Cost pressure, need for reorganisation or restructuring of the business
  • Planned or ongoing merger or takeover
  • Requirement for cultural change in the company
  • Start of an important change project or process
  • Need for additional (new) management qualities
  • Optimisation of the business processes
  • Vacancies

3CS interim management is simple

  • Objective process, without "blinkers", with new ways of thinking
  • High flexibility (time required, travel activity, etc.) and immediately productive
  • Immediate and quick implementation through assertiveness, natural authority and best practice
  • Knowledge transfer during the implementation phase
  • No obstacles to the procedure, as no career aspirations in the company
  • Complete transparency of procedure, due to clearly documented action plan
  • Procedure awakens trust and motivation, due to confident personality

Apart from the current solution of short- and medium-term problems, the customer gains permanent advantages via the provision of management tools during the whole planning and implementation process.

Advantages of using 3CS interim management

  • Doer and advisor in one.
  • High level of implementation competence, highly motivated operative input
  • Direct measurement of success within a strict time and budget framework
  • Analysis, action plan and implementation all in one
  • High level of social sensitivity and competence as an integrating entrepreneurial personality
  • No personnel-related additional or subsequent costs
  • Overall, significantly lower costs than for a consulting assignment
  • Flexible and available at short notice

3CS interim management prozess *

3CS Interim Management

* Time frame: 3-12 month depending on complexity and structures